Listed below are Essentials needed for keeping your hair the healthiest and most beautiful it can be.

Need help on which products are best suited for you?

At Salon Salvé, you can get your prescription. All products, treatments, and chemicals

are professional and top of the line.

*Not all retail is pictured below.*

Use professional sulfate-free shampoo and

conditioners that is prescribed for your hair type.

They are not all the same and you want the one that works best for your hair type and style.

Use professional tools that will make styling your

hair fast and fun. Bio•Ionic is the #1 tool brand to use at Salon Salvé.

Learn more about them at

Use styling products that are prescribed for your

hairstyle and hair type. Some of us need to be smoothed out, and some of us need to scrunch those curls in.

Use ONLY professional in-salon color and treatments.

Combine the two for ultimate results.

Salon Salvé can help you with that.

Add a professional at home treatment. Use a daily or a weekly

one, which ever is prescribed for your hair type.

Always finish your style with a hairspray, gloss or a pomade,

 all depending on your look. Consider a thermal setting spray for curling or flat ironing.

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