Peace of Mind for Your Next Visit

Due to the infamous Covid-19 virus, I am concerned for my clients’ safety. I want to assure you that I have heightened efforts to ensure peace of mind as you approach your next visit. I do need your participation in keeping the studio sanitary for all of us. Please read the measures that need to be taken.

What I need from you:

• Please print and fill out the waiver before coming into your appointment. This will allow our time together to be more efficient. Don’t worry if you forget, I will have one for you. 

• Please come to your appointment alone. I am only permitted to have one client in my room at a time. This may change in the future.

• Please wait in your vehicle and text me when you arrive. I will text you when you can come in. There will be no waiting areas in the building, due to physical distancing. 

• Please bring in only your essentials, i.e. keys, phone ,payment.

• Please come in with your own mask, preferably a disposable one. There is a good chance your mask will get snipped, wet or get chemicals on it. Please let me know if you need one. Without a mask, your appointment will be declined. 

• Please wash your hands as you walk into the studio. 

• Please refrain from talking while you are in the shame bowl. Just relax and enjoy!

• There will be no coffee or magazines, so feel free to bring your own. Please consider wiping your phone down, if you plan to use it. 

What to expect from me:

• All towels, capes and smocks will be clean and never used twice.

• My own smock will be changed for each client. My hair dressing will be changed daily.

• The door handle, iPad, iPencil, counters, shampoo bowl, combs, cutting tools and chair will be disinfected between each client. 

• Soap, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, and medical wipes for any of your devices will be supplied. I will have masks, if you need one. 

• I will be wearing a mask and gloves. When needed, I also have eye protection and a face shield.

• I am Barbacide certified and Barbacide’s Covid-19 certified for your (and mine) protection. 

• I will also be washing my hands between and during clients’ appointments.

• The salon will be thoroughly disinfected between each client. 

• There will be no waiting area in or out of the salon to ensure physical distancing with other clients and stylists. I will text or call you when you can come into the building.

• I have stopped all online booking for now. I need to add more time for the “quarantined hair” and sanitation, therefore I am booking all clients via phone or text. 

• I have removed make-up and formal hair from my services. Hopefully, this is not forever.